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2019's Sep Registering 4 patents for cosmetics substances and manufacturing methods
Sep Earning ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate
July Participated in GBSA G-FAIR Shanghai EXPO
May Dawn Dew Facial Mask design registered
May Participating in the 24th China Beauty EXP, Shanghai
Jan HQ expansion and relocation (Expansion of cosmetics manufacturing facilities in Jeongnam Industrial Complex )
2018's Sep Joint participating in China International Beauty Expo (Guangzhou) Autumn
2017's Dec Sera Holic trademark registered
Dec Sera Holic Shine Red Moisture Facial Mask
Earning hygiene license for special function cosmetics (whitening) in China (国妆特进字J20181831)
Sep Sera Holic Facial Mask design registered
April Dawn Dew trade mark registered
March Registered for cosmetics manufacturing and distribution business

Registered as a cosmetics manufacturer Nov 2016's
HQ relocation to Heungdeok IT Valley Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do Sep
Venture firm certification March 2015's
Patent registration for wet wipes, containing preservative with no skin irritation March
Corporate research institution established Nov 2014's
SNG Co. founded Nov 2013's
SNG founded Nov 2009's

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